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Andrew B. Arthur (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 23:05:52 -0400

> From: Andrew Rohl <>

> I recently bought YDL after finding that LinuxPPC was pretty fragmented in
> terms of support via lists

The Yellow Dog Mailing List is smaller, and seems to have more help by Slice
(danb), unlike LinuxPPC List. Although LinuxPPC List does seem to have much
more developer participation in it.

One big advantage to Yellow Dog Linux, is the offer many different types of
tech support from basic e-mail support to expensive corporate packages.

> and hard to configure.

LinuxPPC is hard to configure? I don't find LinuxPPC R4/R5 (my play machine,
mainly because I needed glibc 2.1, before I recently downloaded R5 for that
machine) that bad to configure at all on my one machine. It's install
process is almost identical to my other machine running Yellow Dog Server
1.0 (I use that as my 'real-work' machine). Once installed, the differences
from Yellow Dog Champion Server and LinuxPPC R5 are very small in difficulty
to configure. Both require some basic understanding of Linux.

> I was a little surprised that the YDL package contained no detailed
> instructions on configuring X

That was do to when YDL was released, their was no good configuration tool
for Xfree86 on the PowerPC. All older Linux on the PowerPC distros used
Xpmac, a self configuring server.

I think the people at YDL didn't expect Xfree86 to be so difficult to
configure on certain systems.

> as I'm sure that for vanilla macs the options must be limited compared to the
> intel world.

Yes, most configurations are pretty similar, that's why Xpmac is self
configuring. Thanks to the work of JCarr, he has developed a program that
should aid in setting up Xfree86 on the PowerPC much easier for most users.


Andrew Arthur a.k.a. AArthur

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