PPP not connecting...

Andrew Diller (dillera@gse.upenn.edu)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 00:09:55 -0400

PPP question:

I have the 2.2.6 kernel, and have tried both KDE ppp and the GNOME PPP but
both just hang.

I know that on my intel OpenLinux 1.3 with KDE 1.1 PPP i can connect to the
UPENN dialup servers and it works fine via PAP.

KDE PPP on YDL is hanging-- I've even used the terminal mode, and logged in
via the remote shell, exectuted PPP and have seen the ppp 'signals' coming
back down the modem.....

Is anyone using KDE PPP (or the GNOME PPP) successfully?

Alas, I just realized that there is no Netscape.... oh well.


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