Re: X problems

Andrew Rohl (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 15:19:45 +0800

>> I firdst just pasted the kernel arguments into bootx (should I have
>> unchecked no video driver?) and ran Xconfigorator again - no change.
>Ya uncheck no video.
I did this - it wasn't pretty! My text console seemed to split in two and
when I got into X (after rebooting 'cos Xconfigurator crashed!), wherer I
moved the mouse, the pixels around it were painted yellow and the screen
flashed a lot!

>edit /etc/X11/XF86Config and change unix/:-1 to unix/:7200
>(or 7100.. I forget)
This worked a treat! The graphics display is pretty fgood considering
there is no acceleration...

>run "setup"
>That has a menu to all the console based tools.
This didn't have the network setup as one of the options (i mean the ip
address, hostname etc) but now I have X working I have set up networking
via the redhat admin tools


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