Re: Converting HFS+ to HFS

Andrew Diller (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 19:35:45 -0400

You don't have to reformat your MacOS drive as HFS to install YDL.

If you mean re-parition, then I would say don't even do that:
 get a new drive and use it for YDL, thus keeping your MacOS drive just as
it is.

BootX will boot a linux kernel (and the ramdisk for installation) just fine
from a HFS+ drive.

If you mean to repartition it because you have no other drives, and so you
need to squeeze YDL _and_ macOS on it, then you _STILL_ need another drive
to back your existing macOS files onto, unless you have a bunch of zips or
floppies (make that a ton of floppies).

You could also borrow a DAT from someone and get Retrospect remote to back
it up.

THE BOTTOM LINE: get an extra drive (even 1 gig can work ok for YDL if your
careful about what you install) and use it for Linux. Its easier and
quicker, and if you screw up, you MacOS is still safe on its OWN drive.


Eric Brown wrote:
> Well, my Pmac came formatted with HFS+ instead of HFS. Given that I
> have some stuff that I don't want to destroy just yet and a second
> hard drive, is there an easy way to 'back up' a Mac volume onto
> another disk, so I can reformat the main drive as HFS (and thence
> install YDL)?
> Thanks,
> Eric

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