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Andrew Diller (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 06:05:25 -0400

Reid Ellis wrote:
> All the entries are still very ASCII, but it's getting better.. :-)
> Since it's HTML, it's in ydf.html instead of ydf.txt:
> <>
> Reid

Some more tidbits for the FAQ:

PPP - device should be /dev/cua0 for a modem connected to the Modem port

Sound- if /dev/audio dosen't work try /dev/dsp (this happened on my beige
g3, and DanB helped with that)


pppd- claims that it needs the SUID bit set .... does anyone have the exact
chmod to use for this? SUID is 's' but do you use a with it? chmod s+a
ppdp-- or is there a safer mode?

KPPP- normal user trying to use it-- complains that it can't create modem
lock file. Where is this lock file created? I assume that a dir permission
is blocking this.

Netscape 4.6 - the delete key is bound to backspace, and its driving me
nuts. Is this happening to anyone else, and how can you change that?

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