Re: Can't read redhat-release

Andrew Diller (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 17:58:54 -0400

Chad Carlin wrote:
> I'm re-installing CS 1.0 on my PB G3 from CD. This time with the 2.2.2 kernel
> instead of the 2.2.6 kernel that I tried last time. Should I go back to the
> 2.2.6 kernel?

Yeah- I had problems trying to install (with the updated RAMDISK) with the
2.2.6 kernel- going back to 2.2.2 and then moving back up to 2.2.6 is the
way to do it.

One other thing-- you must install the 2.2.6 rpm when you are in linux, you
can't just boot with BootX using the 2.2.6 kernal, because the rpm must put
the proper modules in place. I had problems with jumping the gun and just
booting the 2.2.6 kernal right after a completed install- you need to use
the 2.2.2 to mount a HFS disk and copy over the upated RPMS, unless you are
on a network and can ftp them down.

1. use 2.2.2 to install
2. boot into linux w/ 2.2.2
3. have the pmac 2.2.6 kernal on a zip
4. mount zip, copy the pmac kernel over to linux
5. install pmac kernal
6. copy the vmlinux from /boot back to the ZIP
7. boot back into MacOS, then copy the 2.2.6 vmlinux from the zip to the
System Folder
8. boot into linux w/ 2.2.6

assuming: no network, SCSI zip (can't get the ide zip to mount)

> I chose the "everything" option and I got an error that says:
> "Can't read file /etc/redhat-release"
> during the install.
> I hit enter a couple of times and the install is now proceeding.
> Is this a Ooops/Bug or what?
That must be an oops- it did that to me when I installed everything, and it
recovered OK.

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