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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 12:25:37 -0500

I finally feel like I have things under control. Now I have a
couple more questions.

1) Is there a modutils for the 2.2.6 kernel that I am running?
2) Has anyone built a kernel with ATY Rage support on a PB G3?
8-Bit sucks and 24-Bit boggs things down badly.
3) Linuxconf, with respect to DHCP, seems terribly broken. I
move my system around alot and would like to use Linuxconf like
Location Manager (switch between DHCP/PPP/Fixed IP). I started
with a fixed IP and then changed to DHCP. This worked as long as
I stayed on the same subnet. As soon as I moved I was never able
to get routing to work right again.

As an IRIX user changing networking configuration is a breeze
compared to Linux. You can't imagine my shock when I changed the
IP for my system in the host table, rebooted, and then saw eth0
configged with the old IP. Is it possible to work toward a
standard place to put the HOSTNAME (/etc/sys_id) with the
initial ifconfig getting it's IP address from /etc/hosts. I
guess it just seems so easy to do it that way. There must be a
reason for this.


1) Got an Enlightenment theme, Dark Orchid, installed. (Many
2) Back to a fixed IP.
3) Got Netscape 4.6 / Java working (not really tested too much)

Life is good.


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