Re: Stuff

Andrew Diller (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:41:04 -0400

I can kinda help with linuxconf ---

first of all, I can't get DHCP to work either (client side)

I would suggest that you get the latest Linuxconf from in
the R5 final directory.

Dan had said that the linuxconf that comes with Champion server 1.0 is
really screwed.

I'm using the linuxconf from R5 (linuxconf-1.14r4-4a) and I can get it to
configure network things manually.

No DHCP yet though.


 Chad Carlin wrote:
> I finally feel like I have things under control. Now I have a
> couple more questions.

> 3) Linuxconf, with respect to DHCP, seems terribly broken. I
> move my system around alot and would like to use Linuxconf like
> Location Manager (switch between DHCP/PPP/Fixed IP). I started

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