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Sun, 20 Jun 1999 09:42:22 +1200

You might also find that if you reboot your machine and use the bootx
extension on start up, that MacOS related interference will go away. So
yeah, don't launch bootX from a fully loaded MacOS.

That has solved a fair portion of my problems. Seems like a rule of thumb.

>SUCCESS at last!! I finally got Yellow Dog linux to install on my SuperMac
>S900 (although I did get a bunch of error messages stating that a bunch of
>rpm modules were not found[[but that is another battle I will fight later)
>Originally, the problem was that the YDL installer ketp dribbling back some
>message like "mount failed.. could not find scd0 (the CD Rom). After playing
>around with my extensions on the MacOS side it turns out that I had both the
>apple CD rome extensions and FWB's CDTool's CD rom extension both enabled.
>Unfortnately, when installing the CDTool software and upgrading the cd
>driver, it does not disable the apple cd[rom driver. What you want is to
>keep only one enabled (the CDTool driver). That should do the trick[[or at
>least for me it to deal with those missing or unrecognized rpm's.
>P.S. Anyone know the kernel arguments for getting the ixTwinTurbo 8Meg video
>card to work__ I know there is a tt128mb8 in there some where.
>C.F. Velasquez
>Asst. Vice President
>Global Database and Technology Division
>Salomon Smith Barney, Inc.
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>> > Dude,
>> >
>> > That is my next step, I plan on installing from my Jazz Drive (because
>> > devices are supported.) I figure if my CD drive is a problem, why not
>> copy
>> > the entire CD to my jazz and install from there. If that fails then I
>> guess
>> > I will have to think about installing from another Mac (acting as an FTP
>> > server source.) I am hoping to get YDL and Champion server up and
>> running
>> > soon, althought after reading all the other messages sent to the
>> listserve,
>> > I shudder to think of all the X problems I am going to have--and I know
>> I
>> > will have some.
>> Likewise.
>> > P.S. Where can I get the mountX extension? Do you have a URL I can go
>> to?
>> (New verion too!)
>> Talk to ya later.
>> SPino

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