Problem: Coexistence of YDL & MacOS X Server

Deirdre Saoirse (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 12:12:09 -0700

Everything was fine on my iMac running YDL until I installed MacOS X Server
on it also. Now it kernel panics when trying to mount the UFS volume
because it has the wrong type.

I didn't *ask* it to automount that partition and I have no idea how to
work around the problem. I'm rather used to single-OS systems (Linux on
x86) and, even though my first Linux was MkLinux, I'm having difficulty
thinking this problem through.

(as an aside, it was sort of fun watching the x86 guys try and solve it by
saying things like "well, use the boot floppy." Ummm, yeah.)


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