What steps to set up an up-to-date system?

Reid Ellis (rae@tnir.mef.org)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 20:06:43 -0400

I'm re-installing YDL from scratch, and thought that it would be useful if
we could put together the steps for setting up an up-to-date system, with
the latest kernel, Xconfigurator, etc. Assuming an install has been done
off of yellowdog/champion-1.0/ppc what rpm's should be used next? I'm
hoping we can just get a series of lines along the lines of:

        rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/updates/whatever.rpm
        rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/updates/whatever-else.rpm
        rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/updates/more.rpm
        rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/updates/still-more.rpm

at the end of which we have a happy, snappy, up-to-the-second system.


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