Kernel Question

Jeff Ridder (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 08:10:31 -0800

Hello everyone,
    I've spent the last few days hacking around on a kernel and I'm
wondering if there's someone out their that can answer a few questions.
I downloaded the 2.2.6 source from and got it to work but have a
few issues to take care before I color it done.

1. Is their a way to patch the general 2.2.6 tree with the USB stuff and
how do you go about doing it?

2. I keep getting a complaint from rpc.nfsd that it not supporting some
option, and then the service dies. It wasn't a really big deal until I
needed to setup a bare intel machine thru nfs. Is there a fix to this?

3. When I was messing around compiling 2.2.10 everything would work fine
until I set X, and then I was told my G3 only had 1MB of VRAM. Is this a
problem in the source for 2.2.10 or am I not telling 'make config' a wrong

Jeff Ridder

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