Re: Slow X and Pbs on B&W

Evan Read (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 12:36:53 +1200

>Hi all,
>A few weeks ago, I successfully installed Xwindows on my B&W G3. I used
>Xautoconfig. It is working almost fine, except a few problems:
>-The windows are redrawing slowly ( I can see them redraw everytime I
>move them around)
>-The windows do not become Icons but instead disappear. They seem to
>reappear at my next login.
>-sometimes, my shell just disapear without any warning.

I couldn't help you here, just make sure youa re using "no video driver"
from boot X.

>What should i do ?
>Also, bootX gives a -622 error at startup time. I can only bootX from
>macOS. Is that due to the fact that I might have not install only the
>minimal macOS ?

Hmmm... I have problems that are the reverse of this. Make sure you are
using the latest BootX (1.02 I think).

>Another symptom that might be related is that at the very first second
>after restart, when the screen first lights, I have a little mac folder
>that appears in the middle of the screen, with a question mark
>lternating with a macOs logo.
>Is this normal doctor?

Well, if it stays like that, you have broken system files.... if it does
find the hard disk (more particularly a "blessed" disk), then you need to
make sure you have the StartUp control panel set properly. Make sure
Macintosh HD (or equivelent) is highlighted and you computer shouldn't get
confused about where to boot from anymore.

If this problem persists (or if Macintosh HD is already highlighted), then
try trashing your Finder preferences (you would be amazed at how much stuff
this fixes)... And run Apple Disk First Aid.


Evan Read

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