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Andrew B. Arthur (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 13:21:56 -0400

>From: "Velasquez, Carlos" <>

> Finally got YDL running and after trying out some stuff I in text mode I am
> ready to move up into the world of X windows. How exactly do I get started??

Assuming you installed the X Windows packages by using the X Windows option,
you should get a graphical gnome log in screen.

However if you didn't install them, you can install them by hand, they start
with XFree86 something.

If you did install them, try running Xautoconfig, a program that seems to
fix common problems with XFree86 on Yellow Dog Linux (you probably need to
download this from the updates directory on

Run that, type 'startx' (minus the quotes), and hopefully a X with a gray
background will appear, then gnome (or what ever desktop you are using).

> What commands do I issue to start the X server, etc etc?

startx is the script that helps the X Server (and client) execute.

>Anyone know any
> good books

There are lots of good books. Check out your local library or bookstore's
Linux section.

>or links where I can get documentation??

Look around the Yellow Dog Linux web site for one, their install manual is
pretty good, read the Linux on the PowerPC FAQ

It's user driven, if you have a great tip that needs to be added to it, you
can get a account and add it!

Also checkout the Linux Documentation project at

Then their is and which have some
links to other help sites. has many great sites too.

Linux on the PowerPC Newsgroups: news://comp.os.linux.powerpc is a great
place to find junk, interesting discussions and tips (it's a newsgroup, what
can you expect!)

> Also, when booting with BootX, should I enable the "Video Drivers" option? I
> have a Umax S900 running @ 225Mhz with 162 Meg ram and an ixMicro Twin Turbo
> 8 Meg graphics card. YDL is booting of my Jazz Drive (2.1gig)

You shouldn't need to enable 'No Video Drivers' with your ixMicro Twin Turbo
card, since you will get acceleration with 'No Video Drivers' UNchecked.

However if that gives you much trouble, enable 'No Video Drivers', that will
work, but at a slowish speed.


Andrew Arthur a.k.a. AArthur

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