Re: Newbie question...

Neil Jolly (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 22:29:46 -0600

"Andrew B. Arthur" wrote:

> >From: "Velasquez, Carlos" <>
> > Finally got YDL running and after trying out some stuff I in text mode I am
> > ready to move up into the world of X windows. How exactly do I get started??
> Assuming you installed the X Windows packages by using the X Windows option,
> you should get a graphical gnome log in screen.
> However if you didn't install them, you can install them by hand, they start
> with XFree86 something.
> If you did install them, try running Xautoconfig, a program that seems to
> fix common problems with XFree86 on Yellow Dog Linux (you probably need to
> download this from the updates directory on

I had some problems with the installer on my beige G3 as well. Only parts of X
got installed and the installer never did boot into X. I tried several different
methods of installation, but X didn't install, whether I selected the individual
packages or everything, or both. I ended up having to manually install the
remaining packages, and configured X with xautoconfig, which I also had to
install by hand. Weird, some people had it work well, and others have had the
exact same problem.


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