iMac and YellowDogLinux

Evan Read (Evan@AdvComm.Co.NZ)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:29:02 +1300

Hey all,

This list doesn't seem to have much traffic at the moment, so I thought I
would attempt to get a ball rolling. After looking at the various Linux
options (for both Mac and PC) I decided that YellowDogLinux was the most
iMac friendly and that perhaps their installer would really be something
special ;)

Anyways, the iMac doesn't seem to be "Officially Supported". I thought
that the YDL guys put the iMac in its own catagory here
( because they may
have had heaps of questions about it and they wanted to make it clear that
it would run in the iMac. But after reading a bit more closely (and after
reading the advice from to come here if my machine wasn't
supported), I am not not so sure.

Why is it that LinuxPPC, MkLinux and now even YDL are having so much damn
trouble supporting the iMac? I realise that Apple isn't so forthcoming
about G3 specs, but it is crazy to think that people won't be disapointed
that a machine that has been out for ages (in computer years) isn't well

If lack of Official Support means no tech support, does that mean that if I
want to buy YDL and the manuals, will I get a cheaper price (ie, no 12
month of support)?

Also, when can we get some screenshots? ;)


Evan Read

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