Re: iMac and YellowDogLinux

Evan Read (Evan@AdvComm.Co.NZ)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 13:01:07 +1300

I know it is based on, but I thought it was "based on" as in "we use a
monolithic architecture" like LinuxPPC (as opposed to MkLinux) but they
would have to go better than tweaking for much product differentiation.

Otherwise, it would seem PowerPPC would have all the latest developments
before YDL (I would be using Gone Home, so it doesn't worry me what they
give out for free on the server side that is better or worse than LinucPPC.

Evan Read

>On 3/9/1999 18:43, Matthew McCleary said in living color:
>> It sounds to me as though Yellow Dog may in fact be the only distribution
>> that supports the iMac. I personally have been very disappointed by
>> LinuxPPC on my G3/266, and will be ordering Champion Server when it comes
>> out.
>I don't know a whole lot about Yellow Dog Linux but isn't it mostly based on
>code from the LinuxPPC project, only with some minor tweaks, maybe a
>modified (or new) installer and the promise of superior installation
>documentation and support?
>I would tend to consider that the behavior/performance of Yellow Dog Linux
>wouldn't be much different from LinuxPPC's.
>Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
>Guillaume Grenier

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