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> reasons. We felt it was important to get Glibc 2.1 and kernel 2.2 on the
> CDROM.. these milestones have been met so we'll be releasing very soon.
Glibc 2.1 & kernel 2.2 - excellent. The lauding of RH 5.2 etc. from Intel farm
of Linux users is annoying, so it's good to see TerraSoft keeping right up on
their heels. Got my support ... and ca$h when I can get the goods.

>> Shifting" and alot of Linux users hate the Windows-type GUI paradigm, but I
>> think that right now, following the lead of Windows and Mac will sell units.
> Yes.. the desktop is important. At this point I think GNOME and KDE will
Linux has one characteristic hindering it being leader of the pack and that is
what M$ provided with NT - a GUI. Whatever people think of NT (et al.) it's
success was illustrated in the latest NZ ComputerWorld which printed letters
from people who were or attempted to use Linux in business. One guy couldn't
be bothered to put the time into learning Linux and stuck with a Windows
solution cos it provided a solution quicker and simpler.

> Yes.. the desktop is important. At this point I think GNOME and KDE will
> both be included... the user will have complete control of which desktop
Again, for Linux to viable on G3 it has to be current and not lagging behind.

> Hehe.. you are very correct. Red Hat does have all the mindshare. Thing
> is, we think the G3 is a very viable solution.. if we continue doing our
If TerraSoft and Apple (and possibly others) provide the goodies then there
are G3/G4/... fans (and other 'Think Different' types) who can feed off the
momentum RedHat's built and present the alternatives.


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