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> Linux has one characteristic hindering it being leader of the pack and that is
> what M$ provided with NT - a GUI. Whatever people think of NT (et al.) it's
> success was illustrated in the latest NZ ComputerWorld which printed letters
> from people who were or attempted to use Linux in business. One guy couldn't
> be bothered to put the time into learning Linux and stuck with a Windows
> solution cos it provided a solution quicker and simpler.

Exactly.. the Windows GUI imo is not very well designed.. Linux has the
chance to redesign the GUI.

> > Yes.. the desktop is important. At this point I think GNOME and KDE will
> > both be included... the user will have complete control of which desktop
> Again, for Linux to viable on G3 it has to be current and not lagging behind.


> > Hehe.. you are very correct. Red Hat does have all the mindshare. Thing
> > is, we think the G3 is a very viable solution.. if we continue doing our
> If TerraSoft and Apple (and possibly others) provide the goodies then there
> are G3/G4/... fans (and other 'Think Different' types) who can feed off the
> momentum RedHat's built and present the alternatives.

Yup.. Red Hat has done a good thing for Linux in general.. but there are
some things which we can do better.. beginning with the excellent
capibilities of the G3 and soon the G4s.

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