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Evan Read (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:25:14 +1300

Hey Dan... All,

One quesiton before I begin ;)

Are you guys going to work with or against LinuxPPC. I would understand if
you guys didn't want to reveal a company strategy, but will you compete
"with" OR "against" them. Will we ever see headlines like "YDL Inc. and
LinuxPPC team up..." or will it be more like "YDL yet again destroys Linux
competitors in another fantastic quarter"? WHat I am really asking is if
you guys are going to end up (maybe in the process of) dividing the LinuxPPC
market? Just curious...

Also, is Gone Home gonna be cheaper that Champion Server price (which is
quoted in the Product preview/online store page)?

> Ya.. there are some good ICQ clients out there.. we'll make sure one or
> more of them will appear on the CD.

What would be cool is wherever you offer free software, offer console and
GUI stuff (say if you have an email section, further divide it into console
and X11 based - gives choice). Or better yet, do what Linuxberg does
( Completely split the CD into Console based
software and X11-based. Or even better yet, offer an up-to-date (as of time
of shipping) Linuxberg CD for free with every purchase (maybe for a limted
time to encourage sales). Offering a subscription-based plan for updated
CDs every month would attract some. And of course, you could pinch money
off Intel users (especially since most of the binaries on Linuxberg are
Intel :( ).

> Bash and Zsh are too cool :)
> But ya.. things which will assist administrators, etc..

Bingo... but follow the "applet" system. If you create utilities, don't get
into swiss-army-knife stuff. Keep it simple.

> I agree.. I'd love to see SMP G3s running YDL.

Question is, what are you gonna do about it? ;) Do you know how much G3s
are gutted in the press for not doing SMP?

> Definatly.. we've discussed this sort of thing.. 3d rendering software
> too.

Hmmmm an opensource version of Alias.... hmmmm... Make sure discussions
become action.... momentum is important.... As a YDL customer, I would love
to see "YDL Inc racks up another design win this month, 20 for the
quarter"-type headlines ;). Maybe take time, but Redhat is getting Intel
(among others) investment. Perhaps your should call Motorolla (who are
likely to care less). Maybe you should convince Apple to kill MkLinux
(officially I mean ;) and make you guys the primary Linux supplier to Apple?
Get some of their engineers to help (and visa versa).

... Or the ultimate. Going to Apple Internet Stores around the world and
seeing YDL as an OS Option (in either dual boot of single OS configs)... Of
course, you would have to make the inclusion of your OS at the factory a
no-brainer, but imagine the market. ;) SOme people might go Dual Boot
because they can afford it ;)

> One thing I want to see, if everytime someone writes software for Linux
> (commercial, or other) it has a PPC binary as well.

Time to register a new URL, Dan. "". Make an
initiative out of it, and wait for the support to roll in ;). People won't
give a rats-ass about doing PPC binaries unless they see how much their PPC
brothers suffer ;). What better than a website? ;)

Beats having to give a PRO-CON argument to every Linux developer on the
planet ;)

Have fun...

Evan Read

Linux -- "it is computing, Jim, but not as we know it"

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