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> Are you guys going to work with or against LinuxPPC. I would understand if
> you guys didn't want to reveal a company strategy, but will you compete
> "with" OR "against" them. Will we ever see headlines like "YDL Inc. and
> LinuxPPC team up..." or will it be more like "YDL yet again destroys Linux
> competitors in another fantastic quarter"? WHat I am really asking is if
> you guys are going to end up (maybe in the process of) dividing the LinuxPPC
> market? Just curious...

Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. :)
Anyway.. LinuxPPC, Inc. is a company selling Linux.. so there is a bit of
competing there.. However, look at Intel -- TONS of distributions.. I
believe there's enough space for all of the PPC distributions: Yellow Dog,
LinuxPPC, TurboLinux, and Debian.

We don't have to divide the market and community by adding a killer
product to the selection.

> Also, is Gone Home gonna be cheaper that Champion Server price (which is
> quoted in the Product preview/online store page)?

I believe that it will be.. (not 100% sure yet..)

> > Ya.. there are some good ICQ clients out there.. we'll make sure one or
> > more of them will appear on the CD.
> What would be cool is wherever you offer free software, offer console and
> GUI stuff (say if you have an email section, further divide it into console
> and X11 based - gives choice). Or better yet, do what Linuxberg does
> ( Completely split the CD into Console based
> software and X11-based. Or even better yet, offer an up-to-date (as of time
> of shipping) Linuxberg CD for free with every purchase (maybe for a limted
> time to encourage sales). Offering a subscription-based plan for updated
> CDs every month would attract some. And of course, you could pinch money
> off Intel users (especially since most of the binaries on Linuxberg are
> Intel :( ).

Ya.. I was really frustrated a year or so ago with how man X only
utilities Red Hat had.. I don't like being in X all the time so there was
a real need for console tools as well. (they've done a fairly good job
adding those tools).

> Bingo... but follow the "applet" system. If you create utilities, don't get
> into swiss-army-knife stuff. Keep it simple.


> Question is, what are you gonna do about it? ;) Do you know how much G3s
> are gutted in the press for not doing SMP?

Ya.. I've seen some of the press.. I think it's prolly only a matter of
time until we see an SMP G3. It doesn't have to come from Apple.

> > Definatly.. we've discussed this sort of thing.. 3d rendering software
> > too.
> Hmmmm an opensource version of Alias.... hmmmm... Make sure discussions
> become action.... momentum is important.... As a YDL customer, I would love
> to see "YDL Inc racks up another design win this month, 20 for the
> quarter"-type headlines ;). Maybe take time, but Redhat is getting Intel
> (among others) investment. Perhaps your should call Motorolla (who are
> likely to care less). Maybe you should convince Apple to kill MkLinux
> (officially I mean ;) and make you guys the primary Linux supplier to Apple?
> Get some of their engineers to help (and visa versa).

This would be a big move for Apple.. which definatly is not likely. But
ya, Red Hat is getting a lot of attention with others getting left out.
Other very good solutions.

> ... Or the ultimate. Going to Apple Internet Stores around the world and
> seeing YDL as an OS Option (in either dual boot of single OS configs)... Of
> course, you would have to make the inclusion of your OS at the factory a
> no-brainer, but imagine the market. ;) SOme people might go Dual Boot
> because they can afford it ;)

Again, don't hold your breath.
In a perfect world.. we could get Linux from all the big computer
companies. I guess Dell's recent move might help some.

> > One thing I want to see, if everytime someone writes software for Linux
> > (commercial, or other) it has a PPC binary as well.
> >
> Time to register a new URL, Dan. "". Make an
> initiative out of it, and wait for the support to roll in ;). People won't
> give a rats-ass about doing PPC binaries unless they see how much their PPC
> brothers suffer ;). What better than a website? ;)

Good idea.. a PPC software repository would be a great addition.. thanks
for the suggestion.
> Beats having to give a PRO-CON argument to every Linux developer on the
> planet ;)
> Have fun...
> Evan Read
> Linux -- "it is computing, Jim, but not as we know it"


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