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Tue, 9 Mar 1999 21:23:31 -0700 (MST)

> Which comes back to my post earlier. How much do you guys feel like
> Paradigm Changing? With a fat million dollar investment from Motorolla and
> the purchase of either GNome or KDE, you could completly revolutionize the
> GUI ;) Start off offering Standard GUIs but evolve it (using Bazaar-style
> develpment) and really do something great ;).

Ewww.. buying GNOME or KDE? No :) that's free software heh..
In my opinion, Paradigm shifts can be good..
The computer industry needs to continue to learn that Microsoft is not the
only solution.

> > Yup.. Red Hat has done a good thing for Linux in general.. but there are
> > some things which we can do better.. beginning with the excellent
> > capibilities of the G3 and soon the G4s.
> Something else they have done for Linux is their portal site. May seem
> "toyish" to most of us, but most consumer will be expecting it and it
> provides a nice revenue stream. I would fully recommend some co-branding
> with and later with "" (whatever it turns out to
> be). Become THE only choice (in the minds of people) for PPC-based Linux.

Ya.. the portal thing is interesting..

> Oh, and get more stories in Slashdot. I first read about the Kai article at
> Linux am Mac ( but haven't seen any press coverage
> in Slashdot (Intel hotspot) where the readership is nose-bleedingly high.
> (how have I been doing at creating my own adjectives today?) ;)

Slashdot has not posted too much non-intel news.. this is true. Besides
PPC news, I'd like to see whats going on with Linux on Alpha, Sparc, etc..

Right now, when people think Linux, a lot think x86.. and Red Hat.

By the way, take alook at no fancy graphics just lots
of news.

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