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Dan Burcaw (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 21:49:13 -0700 (MST)

> > Ewww.. buying GNOME or KDE? No :) that's free software heh..
> > In my opinion, Paradigm shifts can be good..
> > The computer industry needs to continue to learn that Microsoft is not the
> > only solution.
> You're right there Dan. But who missed the Open Source boat? Talk about
> paradigm shift.
> GNOME and KDE represent the very ethos of Open Source software. Let's not
> encourage Microsoft tactics - buy up every good niche product and kill the
> healthy competition.
Right.. buying up competition is not the way to go ;)

> > Slashdot has not posted too much non-intel news.. this is true. Besides
> > PPC news, I'd like to see whats going on with Linux on Alpha, Sparc, etc..
> To be fair to Slashdot, they post major things that happen.
> Article at about mkLinux for 68k and I've read a few
> others. (A Lintel evangelist friend always informs me of PPC stuff on
> Slashdot.)
> C'mon, I don't really see alot happening though, do you?

You're right.. I guess we just need more major things happening with PPC

> Evan, you started some good talk here and I will admit I had all but forgotten
> about the list as I was waiting for product release news was all :-)
> However, now we have some interest, but not an idea of its extent and need to
> build up its interest.
> This can only happen :-
> 1. After YDL is released as it represents the most uptodate version of Linux
> for PPC and will - we hope after Dan's chat - come with the most complete set
> of tools and more :-)
> 2. Word gets around about a Slashdot-type site for Linux/PPC. The current
> offerings at PTF and mkLinux, etc. are pitiful compared to what's required we
> know. So let's discuss who? where? when? how? L:et's collaborate and share,
> cos - not forgetting the ethos of Linux here - it's what it is all about.
> 3. Anything to add anyone?

Definatly.. the discussion on this list definatly will impact how YDL is
shaped.. we do listen.

Also.. criticism is good..if we aren't doing something right let us know.

> Cheers
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