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Evan Read (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 18:27:00 +1300

> Anyway, I think what I would most like to see is an easy-to-use installer
> that is BETTER than Red Hat's standard installer; I'd like to see it be
> error-free (LinuxPPC R4's installer bombs several times every time I try
> to install). I'd sure like to see Motif, or, even better, Open Look, in
> the LinuxPPC/Yellow Dog distribution. I don't know the details on that,
> but I do remember Slackware Linux used to (and probably still does) come
> with Open Look (olwm, that is). I really like that, probably just because
> I'm used to old Sun workstations.

What would rock would be if the choice was given as the first step of the
installation. If you choose olwm as the installer look, then you end up
with Open Look as your default WM. Same with the others.

> Hope I have been helpful and not too annoying...

Questions are good... very good.

Something that I hope TerraSoft Inc (I would prefer to call you guys YDL Inc
;) will publish soon are benchmarks between MacOS and YDL. Not for the
Wintel/Lintel crowd (who would argue that any linux would be better than
MacOS) but for those who are currently using Mac hardware and want a good
solution without moving to Intel....

Sound reasonable?

Evan Read

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