Re: Suggestion for YellowDogLinux Bundle

J. Paul Reed (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 01:51:24 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Evan Read wrote:

> > can download what of Gecko is done from; nightly
> > Win32 and Linux builds are available (not PPC, though).
> That is more or less NGLayout, isn't it? Rather than the Netscape branded
> "Gecko", correct? I am talking about the Netscape branded stuff.

Well, yes and no (marketing people screw it up again.)

Gecko is what NSCP calls NGLayout and XPFE. Gecko is also the codename for
Communicator 5.0. So, when you download Gecko, you're essentially
downloading NGLayout, for which there are nightly builds on Win32 and

> > But the source is open, so us creating nightly PPC mozilla builds could be
> > kind of...interesting.
> bingo... great idea... offer it on the YDL site and give people a
> reason for visiting (even those using competing Linicies....

Get a Tinderbox column going for LinuxPPC...

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