Re: Suggestion for YellowDogLinux Bundle

Evan Read (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:07:10 +1300

>> That is more or less NGLayout, isn't it? Rather than the Netscape branded
>> "Gecko", correct? I am talking about the Netscape branded stuff.
> Well, yes and no (marketing people screw it up again.)
> Gecko is what NSCP calls NGLayout and XPFE. Gecko is also the codename for
> Communicator 5.0. So, when you download Gecko, you're essentially
> downloading NGLayout, for which there are nightly builds on Win32 and
> Linux.

Yeah, but they look alot different and haven't been branded, therefore are
different ;)

When I said get Gecko on the CD, I was figuring that people would like to
see a nice Netscape-branded browser (since that is what people know).
Anyone that knows even about Mozilla ain't is already going to have a copy
of NGLayout ;).

I know this is probably far too simple, but couldn't Gecko be considered a
"stable" (albeit pre-alpha) release where those nightly builds have all
sorts of surprises?

> Get a Tinderbox column going for LinuxPPC...

Yeah man.. that is cool!

Evan Read

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