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It depends on what you want. Gone Home will be better in the sense that
we're working hard to make it a great home/desktop release. But, Champion
Server is what you want if you're going to be running a server.

Much of the home tools aren't included in Champion Server, yet in Champion
Server you'll find some excellent utilities (such as IPTraf, NTop,
Webalizer) which won't be included in Gone Home.

So think of it this way.. both GH and CS are base on the same core
distribution -- if CS has something like Webalizer, on GH you'll find
something like kxicq instead. After all, why are you going to need a web
server stats program on a home desktop? (most people won't need that)

Also, with Gone Home we're going to keep improving on the installer so
it's as easy to use a possible.

If your YDL machine is going to be for development and your don't like all
the desktop GUI stuff, Champion Server would probably be a good choice.

Both Gone Home & Champion Server will have Blue G3 support as soon as we
have the Blue working..


> It's got me intrigued as well.
> Dan, you're almost hinting that it's going to be 'better' than Champion server
> ... well, 'cooler' anyway.
> Come on Dan, please tell us more. I don't want to buy Champion if Gone Home is
> more appropriate for my needs. At the moment I'm just looking at the first
> available decent Linux for my blue G3.
> Cheers
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