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Dan Burcaw (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 21:35:49 -0700 (MST)

> > Server you'll find some excellent utilities (such as IPTraf, NTop,
> > Webalizer) which won't be included in Gone Home.
> You got info on these plz?
Ya.. as soon as CS is out, we'll have an announcement with lots of details
on all of the features and what's included... You'll have to wait till
then *grin*

> > So think of it this way.. both GH and CS are base on the same core
> > distribution -- if CS has something like Webalizer, on GH you'll find
> > something like kxicq instead. After all, why are you going to need a web
> > server stats program on a home desktop? (most people won't need that)
> That's my problem. I want the CS stuff from home to "really get into it". But
> at home i won't have the need for it - modem dialup. Can't have bread buttered
> both sides i guess.
> > Also, with Gone Home we're going to keep improving on the installer so
> > it's as easy to use a possible.
> Right on. Show RedHat, et al. how it should be done, eh?
> They'll only knick your ideas, improve Lintel and sell cheapo boxes again. Tis
> a shame the PPC platform has distinct disadv not having competitvely priced
> bland, server boxes. Yet....
> > If your YDL machine is going to be for development and your don't like all
> > the desktop GUI stuff, Champion Server would probably be a good choice.
> But CS will have all the desktop GUI stuff (GNOME, kde, etc.) included, yeah?

Ya.. KDE & GNOME are both included..
Our X setup in CS is less then perfect. For example, due to some glibc
issues Xconfigurator is not run during installation.. this means that your
system won't be configured for X until you get into your system, install
Xconfigurator and run it. This is easy, but in the future the installer
will take care of this for you.


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