a question about linux and RAM usage

Robert Fout (rfout@mahi.damien.edu)
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 14:43:40 -0800

Hey all,

I know this question isn't about YDL only, per se, but it's about Linux in
general. I have an 8100/80 and use MkLinux DR3, but I hope to get a Blue
and White G3 soon and run either LinuxPPC or YDL. On to my problem. I've
got 64 MB of RAM, and have 128 MB of swap. Just running X with FVWM2 and
netscape 4.5 uses almost all my RAM, and some swap is used. I've even tried
rebooting. Still, it uses all my RAM. Does anyone know why it's such a RAM


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