Re: [EverythingLinux Announce] Winners from the show + new prods + games!

Evan Read (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:00:36 +1200

Here is a mailing list from an Australian Online Linux reseller. They sell
come cool stuff (Tux dolls etc) along with the basics....

Damn glad to see YellowDogLinux on the comming soon list (they don't even do

Well done guys. This shows you guys are out there and putting YDL in front
of alot of people. This will hopefully raise the awareness of Linux on PPC
and will no doubt (if LinuxPPC don't clean up their marketing) will convince
people that YDL is the only PPC option... (which is good for you guys.

Be sure to keep up with Slashdot today... RMS has a piece on APSL....

Someone on the list sent me a URL to an anit-APSL piece (which I had already
read and didn't agree with). But I agree with RMS.... No matter one
technically open source it is, it still isn't in the spirit of open source,
and that will no doubt creat backlash from the developer community....

Apple seems to forget who they are hoping will help fix their products for
free ;)

Long Live YellowDogLinux!!!!!

Evan Read

Linux -- "it is computing, Jim, but not as we know it" YellowDogLinux - Linux for the PowerPC -

---------- >From: >To: >Subject: [EverythingLinux Announce] Winners from the show + new prods + games! >Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 2:58 AM >

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