broke X

John (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 13:49:48 -0700

Well, with all the mucking about I have been doing (building smp kernels, apache.. etc), I have broken X.
When I try and startx it hangs for a bit and then returns an error that it cant find a resolution or mode or some such for the machine. Xconfigurator finds my tt128 4mg card, but some of the monitor selections appear to have disappeared as well.

Now regardless of the kernel I use in bootx, and whether I use a video driver or not I get the same result.
The next step is to do a complete reinstall of yellowdog (which I dont really want to do after all the stuff I have done).

Does anyone have any suggestions, things to check, etc before I just start over with a complete new installation?



ps. thanks yellowdog for champion server... at least I could make enough stuff to screw it up. Linuxppc rev4 wouldn't build stuff... maybe I shoulda stuck with it ... hehe..

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