Installation Troubles -- Blue & White G3

Erick Schmidt (
Tue, 04 May 1999 08:10:13 -0500

My system halts when trying to install/start linux. The screen appears
as follows

Welcome to Linux, Kernel 2.2.6

Started at : 0x00bb2000
Linked at : 0xc0000000
Frame buffer at : 0x8a009200 (phys), 0x00000000 (log)
MSR : 0x00001032


I am running the following:

Internal ATA
ID = 0
Hard drive
Driver version: 3.2
Mac OS partitions: 1
Removable media: No
Revision number: A0A.0B00
Serial number: 376872810069
Unformatted size: 6 GB

Macintosh HD
Volume format: Mac OS Standard (HFS)
Size: 3.91 GB
Space Available: 875.97 MB
Percent full: 78
Write protected: No
Is being file shared: No

Hardware overview
Machine ID: 406
Model name: PowerMac1
Keyboard type: Apple Extended Keyboard
Processor info: PowerPC G3
Machine speed: 350 MHz
FPU: Built-in

Memory overview
Disk cache: 6 MB
Virtual memory: 193 MB
Used on volume: Macintosh HD
Built-in memory: 192 MB
  Location Size Memory type
  DIMM0/J19 64 MB DIMM
  DIMM1/J20 128 MB DIMM

Backside L2 cache: 1 MB

Thanks for your help!!

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