Blue G3 problems

Josep M. Lucas (
Thu, 06 May 1999 09:03:31 +0200


I have installed CS 1.0 in my Blue G3 400 MHz, 512Mb RAM, UW2 SCSI,
without any problems. However, if RAM is expanded to 768 Mb, Linux hangs
in booting (only appears the first message from Bootx, which ends with
I have tried different configurations of DIMMS in the four banks
available, but booting only was OK with a maximum of 644 Mb
(256+256+128). Every time I add the last 128 DIMM, Linux don't boot.
There is no problem (i believe) in DIMMS, as they can be exchanged with
the same results.

Is there any limit for RAM in kernel 2.2.6? or anybody has a suggestion
to solve this problem.

Thank you

Josep M. Lucas

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