Re: Dual boot Linux and OS X?

Darron Froese (
Thu, 06 May 1999 12:27:23 -0600

> Sounds excellent! I do have a couple of questions, though. NOTE: I
> _don't_ yet have a CD copy of YDL :-(, so I can't boot from CD.

They don't take too long to get there - so get one. ;-) You can always do an
FTP, HTTP install though if you have a fast enough connection.

> What software do you use to provide boot selection? Are you using
> BootX, or something else? Our system currently boots directly into OS X
> upon power-up. We can run MacOS _under_ OS X (as a set of processes),
> but our system does not provide any startup option to boot into MacOS.

I'm using BootX to get in and out of Linux and the "System Disk" control
panel/extension combo to get in and out of Mac OS X and the Mac OS (they are
included on the Mac OS X Server install disk) - basically holding down the
option key at the boot of OS X Server will boot me back into the Mac OS and
then selecting the OS X Partition in the System Disk Control Panel (in the
Mac OS) will get me back.

> Do I need to do a separate installation of MacOS on an unused partition?
> Or do I need to reinstall from the beginning (which I can easily do)?

It would be easier if you had a Mac OS partition - all the OpenFirmware
hardliners will probably sling arrows at me but: If you can use BootX and
avoid OpenFirmware - do it. It makes things a *lot* easier.

Give your Mac a partition, give Linux and Mac OS X each their own partition
(use pdisk later on to kill the big partition and make your own little ones
however you prefer) and then go to town with installers.

> Basically, once I understand how to get the box to boot Linux the first
> time, life will be good. I should be able to handle the rest of the
> installation. If the answer is "get a set of YDL CDs," that is also
> fine :-).

With BootX - it's mostly taken care of for you. You could get the YDL CD's
or do a network install - it's up to you.

Darron - WestWorld Computers

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