Re: XF86Configs

Dan Burcaw (
Sun, 9 May 1999 19:35:13 -0600 (MDT)

I'd be more then willing to put machine specific XF86Configs on the ftp
site if you all send them to me. (I can make ones for a few of the
different machines we have...)

On Sun, 9 May 1999, Stevens Rosul wrote:

> I'm trying to get X running on a beige G3 desktop w/ 6Megs of video
> ram. I'm getting the "no valid modes" fatal error.
> Could someone post a working XF86Config file for this machine?
> Based on the amount of traffic on this line with questions about
> XF86Config and the fact that Xconfigurator doesn't work, I think that
> Terra Soft should post a full set XF86Configs for the machines they
> officially support.
> -Stevens Rosul


Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.

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