Re: CodeWarrior Suggestion

Evan Read (
Sat, 15 May 1999 14:31:48 +1200

For those that don't know, Metroworks has released a cheap (99 US)
CodeWarrior IDE that uses egcs and stuff like that. I reckon it would rock
hard (since I am a student and want to get into linux development) but it
has been released for RedHat only (see for more).

Anyways, if you guys all cruise along to and request a
PowerPC port of these tools like I did, you will probably get a reply
similar to the one below:

any chances, Dan, of you guys helping with this? Might move things along....

>>Just want to request a PowerPC port of the GNU Codewarrior tools you guys
>>have released for Red Hat Linux...
>I've added your name to a list of people requesting this. I regularly
>pass this list on to the managers that make the decisons.
>Metrowerks gears up for WWDC
>"Software at Work"

Evan Read

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