Console error, first startup

Ron Thompson (
Mon, 17 May 1999 16:58:33 -0700

Just installed my Yellow Dog Linux that I got at the E3 convention onto
my G3 Blue and White (nice folks handing out the CDs too), and besides a
few errors with setting up things like the mouse, network, printer, etc,
now when I try to boot to the partition it gives me an error:

Warning: Unable to open initial console.

Any ideas why? Or maybe even why I can't seem to do the setups? For
config info, I have a G3 B&W, 300MHz, 6Gig ATA, USB keyboard and mouse,
Apple Studio Display 17", DHCP network, 64MB RAM. I also have the
second to latest firmware (not the latest that came out a week or so

Thanks for any info!

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