Re: IMac,

Evan Read (
Thu, 20 May 1999 08:28:11 +1200

>im getting ready to do an install on a Rev B Imac. Is there a special
>installer that i need to use or does the default one on the ftp site work
>with the Imacs? Also how big an exchange partition should i create? better
>yet whats the recommended size for a YDL partition? im not going to be
>doing anything fancy on it.

If you use an FTP download that is current, the installer has already been
updated for the iMac and other general issues. If you are using a CD
install, beware.

Naturally, you can always use to make sure you are as
current as possible.

Dammit! Dan's reply just entered my inbox. Tough, I am posting anyway!!!!

Dan, you need to take some time off. Are you the only free techsupport
person in Colorado? ;)


Evan Read

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