Trying to hose my computer

Taska Harnischfeger (
Wed, 19 May 1999 14:48:57 -0700

Yes, contrary to all recommendations and sane advice, I am trying to recompile
my kernel on a Blue G3.

I have Yellow Dog running on a Blue G3 at work, where all of my coworkers are
running Intel Linuxen. And we are expected to know how to recompile our kernels.
So, here I am trying to hose my computer.

I have the YellowDog Source CD, but, of course, that predates the first working
Blue G3 kernel. And I've downloaded the 2.2.9 kernel from,
but I'm suspecting there's some stuff which hasn't been folded in. I get two
errors (neither of which says fatal) and then make xImage (or make install) just
stops and there's no kernel.

Of course I have no idea what I am doing, having never owned any Intel boxes,
running Linux or anything else, though I've played with (and supported) various
linuxen/unixen at home and work. So, is anyone out there willing to help me
hose my computer?


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