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mark thompson (
20 May 1999 17:23:44 -0000

I apologize for posting this, since I am new to the list, and do not
know if this has been discussed before (grovels).

I have the YDL CD 1.0. It boots up on my 4400 just fine. I also have a
slick new Powerbook G3 233Mhz. (the 2nd generation G3 powerbook, if you
see what I mean). On that machine I have the new ramdisk image in the
system folder.

Anyway, Linux does not boot. (symptoms below). I am wondering if this is
unique to my machine or something familiar.


If you activate BootX app after booting, the machine stops responding
except for the mouse, but otherwise shows no signs of doing anything.
If you select Linux in the BootX Extension on reboot, the screen goes
black and says Booting..., then clears leaving only a nifty white bar
about 2/3 of the way down... but nothing else seems to happen.

-mark <>

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