Still Blue in the Face...

Urs Hochstrasser (
Thu, 20 May 1999 22:05:28 +0200


OK, I can't seem to find the solution to my problem, so here it is again...

1) I installed YDL Champion Server 1.0 on my Blue G3, with the newest
Kernel and Installer Ramdisk Image. Everything fine so far.

2) From the '' I created a Swiss German '' (still no
interest, anyone?). Everything works fine in text mode, I get the
characters which are on the key caps (most of the time).

3) I installed the Updates to X-Window, the XF86Config for blue G3s from
the YDL FTP site and the new XConfigurator.

4) First I tried to find suitable settings for X using the FBDev Driver: No
suitable monitor setting was found (I have to boot with 'no video driver'
since there isn't one yet for the blue G3 ATI card)

5) I switched to Xpmac by installing the Package and making the link in
/etc/X11 to Xpmac (/etc/X11/X -> /usr/X11R6/bin/Xpmac). Voila, I get the
GNOME Desktop!!! But...the USB Mouse doesn't work any more!!! (had to kill
the processes from my MkLinux box via ssh/telnet).

6) Just for the fun of it I attached an ADB keyboard and Mouse
(additionally to the corresponding USB devices) to my blue G3. Voila, I had
control over the X mouse pointer (via the ADB mouse) and I could type (with
the ADB keyboard) in X, although again with the US layout on my Swiss
keyboard. From the USB I got gunk. The USB mouse was good for nothing in

7) As long as the ADB keyboard was attached, I got the US Layout on my USB
keyboard in text mode although my '' was still installed!

8) Fine, I thought, perhaps I shouldn't attach anything to the ADB-Port (I
have ADB joystick and graphics tablet). But even with no ADB device
attached whatsoever I get the same behaviour.

So I have the peculiar situation that I need my USB Devices to work in text
mode and my ADB keyboard and mouse to work in X.
Please, please, can someone help me out of this mess? (i.e. I'd like to be
completely independent of ADB keyboard and mouse). Did I perhaps forget to
install something specific? (I did a complete install except for the
documentation). What program/config file controls keyboard and mouse in X?
Why does it work perfectly in text mode but not at all in X? Does X run on
iMacs without any further additions? etc., etc.

Any little hint would be greatly appreciated.


Urs Hochstrasser
Botanical Institute, Hebelstrasse 1, CH-4056 BASEL
SWITZERLAND Phone +41 61 267 23 07

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