Imac revisited

David Gadoury (
Fri, 21 May 1999 15:28:31 -0400

        oops, just realized i sent this to ben karas, not the list



i was finally able to get a complete download of /RedHat. I saved the files
on the volume LinuxExchange in the folder RedHat. When installing YDL i was
prompted for the Install partion which is /hda6. For the directory name i
put in /RedHat. The install program says that i do not have a valid YDL
archive (or something to that affect).

does it make a difference if the partion is HFS or HFS+ ? if there is even
a HFS+ partion type. how can i tell which i have and how do i change
partion types without having to kill my MacOS partition and doing a
reintstall? I took a look at Disk Setup and it wasnt too intuitive. I
think i need the Mac version of FDisk ;).

Also the past two nights i have tried subscribing to this list from my home
account. the email is sent out but i get nothing from the listserver. has
it been down? Dan can you add me manually?

david gadoury

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