Re: Imac revisited

harlan (
Sat, 22 May 99 07:54:33 -0700

On 5/21/99, David Gadoury <> wrote:
>does it make a difference if the partion is HFS or HFS+ ? if there is even
>a HFS+ partion type. how can i tell which i have and how do i change
>partion types without having to kill my MacOS partition and doing a
>reintstall? I took a look at Disk Setup and it wasnt too intuitive. I
>think i need the Mac version of FDisk ;).
Yes, it must be HFS, NOT HFS Extended. GetInfo ( on MacOS ) will tell
you the partition type. Sorry to tell you, I do not know of a
"non-destructive" way to change partition types. All the methods which
I know about erase the partition. NOTE: you should change the ENTIRE
partition map to HFS... Not just the Linux partition. You're probably
better off to back up your entire drive and re-partition the entire drive
(using HFS partitions).


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