X and php3 Question

Urs Hochstrasser (hochstrasse@ubaclu.unibas.ch)
Sun, 23 May 1999 16:00:39 +0200


two questions:

1. when logging out from X I see the following message on the text console
(I use Xpmac):
Xlib: extension "XFree86-Misc" missing on display 0:0
Could this be the cause of my troubles getting the USB mouse recognized by
X? How do I remedy it?

2. I thought somewhere in the docs to Champion 1.0 it was stated that PHP
is included in the distribution. However I can't seem to find the necessary
Apache modules (I have upgraded to the Apache including the YDL logo).
Where can I find such modules ready to run?

Many thanks in advance
Urs Hochstrasser hochstrasse@ubaclu.unibas.ch
Botanical Institute, Hebelstrasse 1, CH-4056 BASEL
SWITZERLAND Phone +41 61 267 23 07

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