Blue G3 X server problem

Ron Thompson (
Mon, 24 May 1999 09:44:07 -0700

I'm having issues getting the X server up and running. Been watching
the group for a little bit to make sure I've got everything okay. Got
the XF86Config file from the server, but have heard that I should use
the XPmac server as opposed to the FBDev package, which it seems like
I'm using. Especially with all the FBDev: messages in the startup.
So, if my font problem is fixed with going to that package, I'd like to
know how to go about doing that (I have both installed right now), if
not, could someone tell me how to get rid of this error:

(--) FBDev: No driver support for hardware acceleration
bpp = 16, depth = 15, BitsPerRGB = 5
(--) FBDev: Using cfb16 driver
_FontTransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
failed to set default font path 'unix/:7100'
Fatal server error:
could not open default font 'fixed'

If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'd like to show all my
co-workers here at Apple how this puppy runs (pun intended), hehe...

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