Re: Blue G3 X server problem

Ron Thompson (
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:58:23 -0700

Excellent! I got the X server started! Even ran a little Afterstep!
Now if I could just get another resolution other than 640x480, it may
actually impress some people here! hehe...

What I did was:
First thing, I tried what Michael suggested. X was linked to Xwrapper, so I
changed it to Xpmac, that of course did not resolve my problem, but it
probably helped with the end result.
Next, (as what Dan suggested) I checked the ntsysv, and sure enough xfs was
not checked. So I checked it, and because I was impatient, I went into
XF86Config and commented the font path out (it was such an odd font path
anyways), and sure enough, it came up nicely!
Thanks for all your help, guys! And if anyone has a solution to higher
resolutions, post it here, I'll be watching!
  -Ron (One happy camper)

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