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At 3:08 PM -0700 5/25/99, Ron Thompson wrote:
>Well, thanks to everyone that got my X working like a charm! Got it up
>to 1024x768 at 24 bpp (any higher and the kernel gives me errors and
>Now... I was wondering if there is ANY web browser out there that is
>usable on the YD Linux.
>And I was wondering if anyone has advice on binaries and such. I have
>run a few UN*X flavors on a PC, but the binaries were easy to find, and
>even when I had to compile them myself it was generally segfault free or
>error free.
>Is there a contrib directory somewhere of compatible sources or RPMs for
>Are there general compile-time things I should look for?
>Thanks again! It already looks really slick and I've been showing it
>off the my fellow Apple employees... 8-)
> -Ron

        I can't remember who posted it originally, but there is a browser
by the name of Gzilla which can be found at Bear in
mind, however, that it is somewhere in alpha stage. It compiled and runs
quite well for me, although most of the whiz-bang stuff isn't there yet.
Probably the most disturbing part is that it doesn't format HTML terribly
well. Pictures, side-panels, etc all end up cascading one after the other
down the page. Looks funny. Anyway, check it out.

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