Dan Melomedman (
Wed, 26 May 1999 17:21:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hi. Several questions: Is Yellowdog linux kernel and all other software
optimized for G3?? What compiler is used to compile all the software,
including the kernel, GCC? Is the kernel distribution separate from the
usual Linux kernel distribution. What are the benchmarks of YDL's compared
let's say to Stampede's (Pentium-optimized distro 30% faster than RH 5.2
on my AMD machine!) performance? What about software like Netscape that's
available only as a binary, is there some sort of binary compatibility
software available for it? How far is PPC Linux kernel usually behind the
regular kernel, and most importantly what are the FPU benchmarks compared
to Pentium II's in YDL. The reason I am asking all these questions is
because we are planning to build a cluster, we have plenty B/W G3's on
site. The nodes must have good Floating Point performance in YDL (if we
decide to use YDL). The nodes must be able to run MPI (Lam MPI, mpich, or
some other like that). Fast ethernet performance has to be excellent (at
least 8 Mbyte/s from a NIC-to-NIC. We have 333 MHz G3s. Right now we have
an option to use Mac OS, but if YDL performs better, what the heck.

Thank you very much!

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