Performa 6400

Joshua Pruitt (
Thu, 27 May 1999 01:16:33 -0500

I am a PowerPC newbie, so please bear with me. ; )

I recently got a *great* deal on a practically new Performa 6400/200
603e. I want to run Linux on it. (I did manage to get LinuxPPC 4
installed on it at one point when I first got it.) So, I got my new YDL
CD, booted, repartitioned, started the installation process, and blammo
- the install fails while trying to format the swap partition. No
problem - probably just a glitch... I'll keep at it. ; )

Anyway, I do have a couple of questions - first of all, I want to run
*only Linux* on this thing, which means I won't be using BootX, but
OpenFirmware instead. How do I accomplish this? Secondly, my Mac is
sitting here right now with no OS, already partitioned, and it's just
itching to get Linux installed. I'll reinstall MacOS if I have to, but I
was wondering if there was another way to install on a blank machine. I
didn't see any images for a boot disk...

And now some more general questions - 1) How do I tell OpenFirmware to
boot my new kernel should I compile one (or a few)? I'm completely lost
without LILO. ; ) 2) Is the MkLinux version of Netscape the one I want
to use? 3) PCI net cards from a PC will work, will they not? (as the
drivers are there in the same Linux kernel source...) 4) What sound
drivers do I compile in? 5) Finally, what kind of optimization
techniques can / should I use when compiling for the PowerPC processor
(provided I actually get that far...)?

Thanks for your help,

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