Re: Status of B&W G3's

Andrew B. Arthur (
Thu, 27 May 1999 16:13:50 -0400

> Hello:
> I just received my cdroms today, and downloaded the 2.2.5 and BootX 1.0.2

Standard Linux for the PowerPC Kernel 2.2.5 doesn't support the Blue G3, you
need a special kernel for the Blue G3 (at least for now).

> It dosen't like my B&W G3.

It won't since your Kernel is too old!

> I've got it installing on a beige g3, but the b&w is a lot faster.
> Is Champion running on the B&W's, and if so where are the kernals and
> BootXs to let me do it?

LinuxPPC and Yellow Dog Linux and virtually every other non-MkLinux on the
PowerPC use the standard Monolithic Kernel. It basically the same support

You do need a special development kernel to boot on the Blue G3, since the
Blue G3 has newer stuff then your built in kernel in whatever distro you

You need to get a the lastest Blue G3 kernel from either the LinuxPPC, Inc's
ftp server or yellow dog's ftp server. I think (but are not a 100% on this)
that one Yellow Dog Ftp server ( is newer and
has better support then the one currently on

Either one should work for you, as long as it's specially labeled for the
Blue G3 and is fairly new.

To install, drag the new kernel on to your system folder. Make sure you
downloaded the kernel is binary mode and that its *not* gzipped with a .gz

Blue G3 support will become standard in the kernel after a few months of



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